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Registration during Covid-19

How it Works.....


  • Date of death
  • Place of death, This will be the name of the hospital nursing home or house including postcode.
  • Name and surname of deceased .This should be the name they were known by at the time of his or her death.You should also establish if they have been known by any other names (e.g. if a woman has been married more than once).
  • Maiden surname of woman who has married • This is the surname in which a woman contracted her (first) marriage.
  • Date of birth • Please provide approximate dates if the exact date is not known
  • Place of birth • Town and county/London borough or country of birth if born outside UK.
  • Occupation • Provide as much information as possible relating to their most recent occupation (or former occupation if retired)
  • Home address of deceased • The usual address of the house or nursing home etc. including postcode.
  • Spouse’s full name (if applicable) • If the deceased was married or widowed at the time of their death.
  • Spouse’s occupation (if applicable) • Provide as much information as possible relating to their most recent occupation (or former occupation if retired)
  • Deceased’s NHS number if known • In order to help to ensure the removal of a deceased person from the doctor’s list of patients and from the National Health Service Central Register
  • Will it be a burial or cremation?
  • Where will the funeral take place?
  • Which Funeral Director have you chosen? • This is where we will send the ‘Green’ Form 9.
  • Was the deceased receiving any allowance or pension from government fund? Examples of pensions include:Armed Forces, NHS, Civil Service, Teachers, Post Office / Royal Mail.

Once a Registrar has registered the death via telephone, the following will take place:

  • Funeral Arrangements
  • The Registrar will email the ‘Green’ Form 9 directly to your chosen Funeral Director, it is important that the registrar knows the exact Funeral Director you are using and the email address that the “Green” Form 9 needs to be sent to, in this case it is; [email protected].com  Please give us a call on 0116 269 8120 to let us know your registration appointment is complete and we will ensure we receive the “Green” form 9 from the registrar.
  • Death Certificates

Following the registration, death certificates are charged at £11.00 each. Where you are using a death certificate to process financial matters for example; Banks, Building societies, Pension schemes etc an original will be required. It is good to have your debit card ready so these can be ordered straight away for you and avoid any delays in dealing with the affairs of the deceased.

 We at Butterfly Funeral Services DO NOT need a copy of the death certificate.

  • Tell Us Once Service

This service informs local and central government departments about the death and reduces the number of phone calls you need to make. The Registrar will post or email you information about this service along with a unique code to allow you to access this free service via telephone or online.

Coroners Procedure

If the death is sudden or unexpected your loved one will be taken the the chapel of rest of the duty Funeral Director called upon by the emergency services. This is where they will be cared for until you call Butterfly Funeral Services and arrange to collect the deceased and bring them into our care.

The Coroner will look in to the medical background of the person  that has died and decide if a post-mortem is needed. 

The Coroner will contact the next of kin before anything goes ahead so you know what to expect. 

Please be aware depending on the circumstances of the death and the outcome of the investigation this could cause a delay to the funeral. 

HM Coroners office 

for Rutland and 

North Leicestershire - 0116 305 77 32 

HM Coroners Office

Leicester City and West -0116 454 1030